Pre-insulated masonry offers superior thermal performance which saves energy throughout the life of the structure.

Our Hi-R H wall system with Korfil Hi-R inserts can deliver R-Values of up to R-18, measured in compliance with applicable Code and ASHRAE standards. We are not using “Effective” or “Equivalent” R-Values, because such measures do not comply under Code or ASHRAE standards.
Also available: Spec-Brik Hi-R, a half-high version of Korfil Hi-R that combines the aesthetics of brick with the thermal performance of the Korfill Hi-R product line. Spec-Brik Hi-R units can achieve R-Values up to R-12, depending on density.


  • Proven performance that delivers R-Values up to R-18 (Hi-R H) depending on block density.
  • Typical R-Values are typically up 5 times greater than that of conventional masonry of comparable density.
  • Internal insulation inserts allow double exposed masonry for durability.

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