The SWM PAVE Stormwater Management System was developed to support green infrastructure practices.

The SWM PAVE Stormwater Management System is designed to play a key role in restoring our vital eco-system. Our systems offer robust engineered functions for both “Water Quality” and “Volume Treatment” meeting regulatory requirements, plus a fully functioning vehicular wearing surface.
These systems can be used in any area an impervious surface area is anticipated. SWM PAVE is not a product, but a system and process which uses already budgeted impervious wearing surface areas to create a Stormwater BMP. The Concrete Products Group offers the SWM PAVE Stormwater Management System Nationwide through its network of manufacturers.

SWMPave: Converts an already budgeted wearing surface into an approved
stormwater BMP.

Ideal for:

  • Run-off Reduction
  • Volume Treatment
  • Channel Protection (Cpv)
  • Recharge Volume (Rev)
  • Water Quality Volume (WQe)
  • Pre-Treatment
  • First Flush Capture

The SWM Pave Difference



Video Case Studies

Municipal Parking Lot (Ashland, VA)

Amtrak Parking Lot (Fayetteville, NC)

Doonbeg Subdivision (Winchester, VA)

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