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This video series covers best practices
for CPG-related product installations.

Print versions (PDFs) of these same topics are also available for
your online review and printing in our Design Note section.

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Korfil Hi-R and Hi-R H Installation Basics

Masonry Movement Joints

Building Wall Ends and Joints with Korfil Hi-R H

Building Bond Beans and a Michigan Style Movement Joint with Korfil Hi-R Units

Building Corners with Korfil Hi-R

Flashing and Weeps with Spec-Brik WCT™

Building Window Openings with Korfil Hi-R H

WCT™ and Flashing Demonstration

Using Sample Panels to Assure Product Quality

Keys to Detailing Single Wythe Masonry

Cleaning Architectural Masonry

Protecting Masonry Materials

Window Openings with Spec-Brik WCT

Post-Applied Sealants

Korfil Hi-R and Hi-R H Installation Basics

COMcheck: How to Analyze Pre-Insulated Masonry Walls for Code Compliance

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