The Abri kit of parts includes three curved face options that may be combined to form multiple patterns of flowing shadows that will gently transform the appearance of the wall throughout the day.
This pattern illustrates the design freedom a simple kit of parts allows. The “Double Weave” pattern is composed of Concave and Convex ABRI units
ABRI Shingle and Wedge Units combine to create dramatic shadows

Pattern Portfolio


ABRI redefines the
look of masonry

ABRI is a collection of angular and curved shapes that allow designers to create their own unique and distinctive wall surface appearances. From subtle to dramatic, ABRI does it all.

Alignment is easy because the back of the units are always flush. Choose from patterns in our Pattern Portfolio or your own design to acheive the perfect solution for the look you are targeting.

Unexpected Shapes and Combinations

There is a long tradition of using masonry to create beauty in the built environment. ABRI builds on that tradition while offering a platform for unlimited creativity by jumping out of the “box” of traditional form factors by providing new angular and curved surfaces.


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Kit of Parts

ABRI introduced five shapes in 2020:
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