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Spec-Brik® Jumbo offers full height for aesthetics and construction efficiency.

Spec-Brik® Jumbo is a nominal 8” (“full height”) version of Spec-Brik, offered in our Spec-Brik color blends to provide the beauty of flashed brick. This product is great for single wythe construction where both exterior and interior wall appearance is important.

Often used as a more economical wall assembly for side and rear walls when 4” Spec-Brik is used on the entry wall, Spec-Brik Jumbo combines well with 8” architectural masonry units for contrasting colors or textures. It also works very well with 4” Spec-Brik to provide column or band accents with contrasting scale.

Available Sizes

4 X 8 X 16

6 X 8 X 16

8 X 8 X 16

10 X 8 X 16

12 X 8 X 16

Spec-Brik Jumbo: Leveraging the efficiency of
modern single wythe masonry construction.


  • Increased speed of construction.
  • Wide variety of colors that look like brick.
  • Nationwide availability.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Mold and fire resistant.
  • Minimal maintenance required.


Additional Info:

The Concrete Products Group (CPG) has produced a 38-page Wall Cost Guide designed to find the most cost-effective option to bring brick aesthetics to a typical retail project. Provide your name and email address to request a copy of the study.

Standard Spec-Brik Jumbo Colors

Note: Custom Colors are available.

Basalt Blend 8 X 16

Chesapeake Blend 8 X 16

Delaware Blend 8 X 16

Dixon Blend 8 X 16

Flint Blend 8 X 16

Gardner Blend 8 X 16

Houston Blend 8 X 16

Jefferson City Blend 8 X 16

Panama City Blend 8 X 16

Philadelphia Blend 8 X 16

St Cloud Blend 8 X 16

Stanton Blend 8 X 16

Sample colors shown are digital graphic representations of blended SPEC-BRIK color blends. Appearance of actual product may vary in differing lighting conditions. CPG recommends viewing physical samples for color selection prior to order and the use of a job site sample panel to assure best results.

Spec-Brik Jumbo Image Gallery

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