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Spec-Pave creates a permeable surface that facilitates effective stormwater management.

The Spec-Pave system creates a permeable surface for rapid infiltration and storage of storm water, facilitating effective stormwater management. Spec-Pave™ is both ADA compliant and has 10% open surface area for rapid infiltration of storm water. Its strength and durability is designed to fit a wide range of applications.
Our 100MM thick version, Spec-Pave 100, complies with ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) requirements for an Aspect Ratio for vehicular traffic loadings. Spec-Pave pavers are perfect for: parking lots, driveways, overflow parking areas, revetments, boat ramps, bike paths, sidewalks and pedestrian areas, and light traffic roadways.

Potential LEED Credits:

LEED Credit Credit Description Points Potential Permeable Paver Credit Contribution
Sustainable Sites
SS Credit 6.1
Stormwater Design: Quantity Control 1 Use SPEC- PAVE™ permeable pavers to reduce impervious surfaces to reduce runoff
Sustainable Sites
SS Credit 6.2
Stormwater Design: Quality Control 1 Use SPEC-PAVE ™ permeable pavers to allow storm water to seep through the paved surface into the stone sub-base where it is naturally cleaned.
Sustainable Sites
SS Credit 7.1
Heat Island Effect: Non-Roof 1 Request pavers manufactured with appropriate cements and aggregates to meet the SRI requirements of this provision.
Materials & Resources
MR Credit 4.1 & 4.2
Recycled Content: 10%/20% (post-consumer + 1/2 preconsumer) 1/1 Concrete products can be manufactured with recycled materials. Check with your local producer to see what recycled content products they offer.
Materials & Resources
MR Credit 5.1 & 5.2
Regional Materials: 10%/20% Extracted, Processed & Manufactured Regionally 1/1 Concrete Products are typically made by local production facilities using sand, aggregates, water and cement from local sources. Your manufacturer can confirm the percentage oflocal origin of its products.
Innovation & Design
ID Credits 1
Innovation in Design 1/5 Use concrete pavers with reduced cement content; use high albedo pavers to reduce lighting requirements in low light conditions

Spec-Pave: A Best Management Practice for Storm Water management.


  • Reduces total suspended solids (TSS),nutrients and metals.
  • ADA compliant
  • Can be mechanically installed for construction efficiency
  • Low-maintenance requirements; simply periodically vacuum clean