Spec-Split offers the rich textures of architectural split face block in 12 standard colors available nationally.

We can also provide consistent custom color matching services to provide designers with the assurance that the Architectural concrete masonry they specify on projects will have the consistent color and quality throughout the nation. Our standard colors can be rendered using the CPG Masonry Designer Software in combination with SPEC-BRIK and a wide variety of mortar colors.

Spec-Split: Concrete masonry in an
attractive, natural rough stone appearance.


  • Increased speed of construction.
  • Wide variety of standard colors.
  • Nationwide availability.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Mold and fire resistant.
  • Minimal maintenance required.

Standard Spec-Split Colors

Note: Custom Colors are available.

SPF 8 X 16 CPG Brown

SPF 8 X 16 CPG Charcoal

SPF 8 X 16 CPG Golden Tan

SPF 8 X 16 CPG Light Brown

SPF 8 X 16 CPG Light Red

SPF 8 X 16 CPG Light Tan

SPF 8 X 16 CPG Medium Brown

SPF 8 X 16 CPG Orange Brown

SPF 8 X 16 CPG Red

SPF 8 X 16 CPG Tan

SPF 8 X 16 CPG Terracotta


Sample colors shown are digital graphic representations of blended SPEC-SPLIT color blends. Appearance of actual product may vary in differing lighting conditions. CPG recommends the assembly of a SPEC-SPLIT Sample Panel for color selection prior to order.

Request Samples

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