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Design Resource Center

Exclusively for specifiers and designers, The Concrete Products Group offers professionals a set of specialized design tools including CAD Details, Revit® files, Specifications and other technical documents related to our Innovative Concrete Masonry Systems.

Technical Documents Library

Design manuals, Detailing Guides, Specifications and Product Briefs are available in our Technical Document Library.

Design Notes

Our technical team has prepared a series of easy-to-follow Design Notes to help ensure a successful project.

Product Literature Library

Our technical team has prepared a series of easy-to-follow Design Notes to help ensure a successful project.

Masonry Designer

For Windows
CPG Masonry Designer Software is a versatile and user-friendly design tool to render wall sections with the perfect combination of block color, texture and mortar color for your project.

Advanced Resources

Warehouse Design Manual and Video

This publication highlights the benefits and applications of Spec-Thermal pre-insulated concrete masonry wall systems for single story building applications, including warehouses.

Thermal Properties Guide

Our Thermal Properties Guide covers product selection and performance considerations for a range of thermal requirements.

Structural Design Manual

This publication is for structural engineers, architects and manufacturers and highlights the benefits and applications of the Hi-R and Hi-R H pre-insulated concrete masonry wall systems.

Single Wythe Detailing Manual

The Single Wythe Detailing Manual is a 70-page collection of construction details, code references and suggested specification language.

Wall Cost Comparison

This Wall Cost Comparison examines a typical retail project to determine cost effective options to provide brick aesthetics for the chosen building configuration.

Product Samples

The Concrete Products Group (CPG) is happy to provide qualified architects and designers product samples to meet design requirements.

Download and install Revit Plug-ins

Note: Masonry Designer installation is required before plug-in installation.

Revit plug-ins:

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